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Its always been our policy to provide the finest content and community we can here at the Press. Thats not changing anythime soon. Time are tough but we are always tougher. It's with great pride and gratitude that 2013 sees the launch of our new home brand simply called Citadel. A merger of the content Press and the Community Omega Corps into one unified organization that delivers both without the mess. The Citadel Gaming Community it our way of giving back and reaffirming our roots. So gamers, welcome home.

Latest Updates

6/1/13: Coming Soon, The C.G.C - Citadel Gaming Community

Hello Readers, as many of you know my activity here has slumped, mostly due to family health issues and personal stuff within the organization. I wanted to take a short moment and tell you all that This site will soon Migrate to our new home organizational site coming very soon. For years I and my core friends and team have struggled to brand and form a organization that binds my dreams with my goals. The Press has floundered and failed miserably from that standpoint, The Omega Corps as well. Mostly due to the sluggish economy, fans not wanting to break their comfort zones and me not being available in person for more events.

I could lie and say thats all gonna change, but it may not. My obligations to family and work keep me out of the limelight more then I often want but, I can say that the C.G.C. will be firmly vested under my sole control more then ever before. The new Website will be operational within a few months no more then two complete with link to our forum - which will remain attached to this site for ease of use. The plans we have are four fold. First I intend to make it my business to get out and hold open drives and membership events at local places, be they the local gaming hubs or even the library, I'll be there with merchandise and more then happy to lay down the info and spoilers on events. Second, our focus on prime content will be back, m\namely in our laser like eye towards pathfinder material. Third, our forum will continue to host at least three exciting and origional RP's for everyone to enjoy including WoW, Pathfinder and coming soon Omega Protocol. Finally we are very aware and ready for the massive expansion of our gaming coverage and fully intend to host our own competitive gaming leagues and boards dedicated to the competitive gaming material that many fans have wanted from us. This includes stuff like Magic the Gathering, Console games like Injustice, Ultimage Marvel and more. As well as other Niche games like Mage Wars, Heroclix and others that have a robust following and need a overarching organization to connect fans to one another.

The New community will be hard pressed to find a footing I admit, the economy is not helping nor is the lack of really involved core members halping our cause. it's for that reason I will be cutting the fat forum side very soon. I must devote myself to the highest good and cause and that means ditching some fly by night members and goals who, frankly, do not give two figs about the organization. Thats not flying with me or my staunchest supporters anymore. We crave and want a thriving community, if your not helping on some front then it may be time for you to either get moving or commit. By now many of you have noted the massive member drop on the forum side, that was me cleaning out the folks who could not find the desire to be active. However open registration is going on now and for the continued future. Simply register, complete our CAPCHA codes and post. Do note however all new members are on the Moderators Que, meaning simply your posts and threads will not be actually posted until a staff member agrees to allow it. Now why are we doing this? To allow spammers to shoot themselves in the foot? Well yes, but also so their spam garbage does not get seen by our membership and ruins the forum. Rest assured the first post a real member makes will be seen, accepted and you will promptly be promoted to a full member with all rights and special goodies that come with it. Spammers will get IP and email banned and thats that.

So, you could say we have aggressive changes ahead, but this is both necessary and really warranted. I look forward to hopefully seeing some of you in person this summer or forum side.

4/30/13: Big changes ahead.

By now you have likely realized my update count here has slowed to a crawl, welp the reason for that is my time away from here has been worth every stress filled day. I know it's been late in arrival, most of you have likely lurked on our forum and noticed the new banner. Welp that was a massive hint as to what we were up to. Effective last month the Press and Omega Corps merged back and rebranded into a single united organization again. You may ask why this was done? The answer dear readers is simple, better resources for our membership and those we serve. The Press teams were getting a bit frazzled with the demands of Corps events, and the Corps teams were rarely there for Press events. Not exactly good public showings on all fronts. So being the founder my core team and I took what we wanted, rebranded back to our old model and told both sides to get their heads in the game.

The change has much to offer but dominantly it's about getting back to the basics and solid things the Press and Corps do. That being the fostering and building of what many in my inner circle call "Hearth and Home" Thesingular idea that a gamer of any background or a nerd of any color may always find a warm fire by which to sit and a good companion with whom they may chat when we are involved. Thats never changed and those of you who have been to our small - some would say absurdly hard to find- events know this as truth, from the moment you walk in your home. it's the mentality I have worked to foster on our forum for years, The freedom of creative design and workings is always something my staff and I strive to ensure and thus far we have. True there is always bound to be trouble when gamers get together, often over the silly things like what version of D20 they play or what company makes better stuff, but thats all expected. Honest debate is something we always allow, at least to the point where it becomes less friendly debate and more angry rantings. Now your likely asking " whats the point?" well theres a few, first it consolidates the full might of the Press design teams and the Corps teams under one roof. It's sounds nuts but our gaming tourneys have exploded in recent months and our small locations - usually a members home- is fulled to the brim.

The second is that it allows both the press and Corps to work together more often, both sides were, fragmented now they are unified and at our events we can actually present a singular crystal clear platform. it;s not honestly about marketing but getting folks to our banner so we can continue to grow and expand our creative pools with more talent. This new birth has also reforged the forum. You'll note our goals were set to run three new RP's and we acieved that even if membership was never all that high. A fact I never fully understand given the hits here. I get more bots and spam accounts then I know what to do with. Still the Rp's are some of the most finely crafted out there. Among them our Marvel Rp station - open to new members- Our Custom Cortex station just came back online and is hosting a Naruto Coirtex remodel - On hold- and a new World of Warcraft game hosted and Gm'd by the master of zainy disaster Trizap. Our plans also favor the return of Pathfinder with a new host of custom content, and a new RP hosted by myself that will showcase more of the Rp talent we have.

Now many of you have said openly the forum should house more Corps stuff, and while I agree our Corps teams are somewhat shy, - I'll be honest I think they are shut ins sometimes cause I never see em before or after events- So while we will eventually rebuild and host some stuff there - likely a gaming areas for our console tourneys ( we currently run Injustice, UMvC 3, Mortal Kombat and more bi monthly) and possibly other gaming events we host at our meet and greets for now the time is not yet there given the way things are. But soon no doubt. Further I have a metric ton of emails from y'all about how in the hell do you find our events. You don't usually they fill up the second I announce one. Y'all need to remember we don't have a home store or even a storeowner with the space and guts to hold our weekly events near the central Citadel groupings here on LI. Theres a lack of comic/game shops who would even bother to stay open much less survive long enough for us to arrange a partnership which is indeed sad. Thus our "events" are gatherings as a members house which usually get announced forst on the forum via Pm and mass email later to our newsletter subscribers. They fill fast and much as I;d love to throw a date and time out here and greet everyone personally we have not the place nor space to make that happen. Maybe if I win the dang lotto I could afford a central store run by Moi to handle the whole thing but, alas, my luck sucks and we have not the sponsors with bags of cash to fund the operation. The moment that changes you will know but for now? Best to sign up for the newsletter and hope we can run a event near you.

the final comment is about social media, many of you have told me we need a twitter feed and a facebook page. neither is in the cards due to my general loathing of facebook as a idea and my general lack of understanding of why we need twitter feeds. What on earth could I possibly tweet that would make it worth your while to read? Thats not to say we won't ever get one but, for now? Not on my table unless one of our members decides to set the dang thing up and run it. Thats all for now carry on gamers.

4/1/13: Update & Goings on

I did say it would be a while. Turns out it was longer then I expected but I'll be honest the Coprs initiative is suffering mostly due to lack of membership or those we had falling away. The gaming community is indeed a fickle beast and less likely to try new things and engage then even I assumed. Our CCG folks outright refused to share events with the RPG guys and that hurt. But we do what we always do. Carry on.

So, whats new you ask. Well a few things of noted import. First the Fourm has gone to a monthly registration season. ,B. The Forum will be open to registration the first and last Saturday of every month This is a simple solution to me not wanting to filter through 8 pages of comment spammers and false account creations by bots and worse I just don't have the time or patience to deal with such things anymore. Easier for me and my mod staff to handle two days a month and be done with it. If your actually a legit user and want to join us those are the days. Reminder again First and Last Saturday of every month.

Next, some changes to the layout of the forum, new banner, new brand even. But also new things. As you may note the Citadel will host several new rp's this summer. Our core team has fallen in love with the Cortex RPG system through our use at team events of the new Marvel Heroic RPG. So enamored were we that we took the system which was stable, effective and easy to grasp and chose it to be our hallmark. Currently the Fourm hosts a Heroic style RP using some marvel chars as cameos and will focus more on a alternate custom designed marvel canon. The Second Rp is something that took me personally days to design. It is in fact a Naruto RP using the Cortex style system which I tweaked and modded to make the setting - often renown for it's insanity power levels- actually fell balanced and work. That RP is in full swing and both are welcoming to drop ins and new players. They will also support PvP play at the optimal ratios of players.

Now then, finally we have stuff coming soon: Among them a new part in my novel series Ascendence titled Ascendence: Risen for members to see only. Next, a Pathfinder rp is still going but has been sidelined until I get a better hold on running a unique story like for that sucker. Finally the team and I are working on a first for the Citadel. Given we are all Blizzard fans, we have chosen to try for a new Cortex RP. Right now it will likely not be a Warcraft style game. Mostly because there are dozens of them out there. It may however be either Diablo or eve Starcraft themed if we can manage to work out how a Zerg player would actually work, hybrids maybe. So stay tuned to the site and the forum to get updates. Thats all for now. Keep gaming.

1/26/13: Changes

First and likely last update for a while fans but lets make this count. Ok to start off things have, as you well know, changed in our little sphere of the world. The gaming community itself has of late become more fragmented and divided then ever before. The reason for this is up for argument but regardless the Corps goal of a united community of gamers seems to be well out of reach at least for now. So your likely wondering what the heck we are gonna do. Welp as you read in our new mission statement things are evolving. The long division between my personal operations, the design guys at the Press and the gaming guys at the Corps have, with my ideas chosen to unify under a new banner and provide a united single entity.

Thus the Blue Flame Press, and the Omega Corps have willingly merged operational standards into the simple Blue Flame Corps - BFC's for short-. Now what does this mean? Well it means much like a rededication and rebuilding efforts for our small organization. The overreach we have had before has only stalled our efforts given the fractured and often divisive nature of the hobby gaming community as a whole. Lets all face it CCG gamers rarely attend D20 games. Specialized fields don't overlap in most cases so the Corps and Press have decided to laser in on the areas we are best at. Forum based RPG's and Rp's, short novels and creative writing help, Hobby gaming, Console gaming and a general idea of a community where any gamer can find a place to chill and get feedback.

So, what are we doing now? Well we overhauled the forum with a more player friendly and concise formatting. Our Press design teams are working on free material for everyone while our Corps teams are out there in the community running small leagues out of their homes and community centers since rarely any hobby gaming shop has the space or sadly desire - thats me being polite. I like to say they fail to have the guts- to affiliate with us and run a major program of game nights - no wonder they are all going out of business, they are out of touch with the people who pay their bills-. That setback - as infuriating as it is- stands to a huge disadvantage to the initiative, one we admit we rarely overcome given the economy and the situation as it stands in general. You can't build off of nothing, and as small as we are, as dedicated as my core team is, the lack of constant new blood often stagnates our public image. Yet thats not stopping us, not hardly. We already have a crack team of freelance designers and writers producing some incredible RPG ideas and designs. Our Coprs team is often top of the charts with their league and playstyle analysis. We have the talent and capability and now we have a united organization ready to roar.

So starting next month you can email me to get our newsletter, and find out how to become a forum member and get the perks. Also next month reveals the massive release of our Press teams array of special designs and custom swag for a array of RPG systems - including Pathfinder, Coretex and the Storytelling Adventure System-. The Organization also has new Corps gear in the works and promotional items that will be sent to our command team across the united states so make sure you contact your local commander to get your hands on them. If your town does not have a Corps division, shoot me an email and if your ready I'll send you a prep package to get one started in your area. This thing has switched from grand scale to grass roots people, it starts and ends with our members so if your not working with us make sure you get involved.

In closing, while we have taken hits, both from Sandy and the nature of the community we serve we remain comitted to eventually achieving our supreme goal of having a community worth joining. Everyone has flase starts and setbacks. We've had our fare share and remain determined to eventually find the way and to do that we need you, gamers who want to help us rebuild and grow. How you game matters not in the least, Gaming is a culture in todays world. Hobby gamers and Console gamers both face often pathetic stigmas which irk the Corps to no end. It's our goal to stop that crap and inform on what being a Gamer is - give ya a hint, most of us are not some unwashed mass living in our parents basements and theres no age limit adults enjoy a good CCG just as much as any of us- The BFC has always and will always be a community created by intelligent and wealcoming gamers FOR gamers. Nothings changed on that front and nor will it ever so long as I lead this organization. Now is the perfect chance to join the crusade of sorts. Join us, help us build. If your a designer or creative person, join us. if your a console guru and wanna do some freelance reviews and strategy articles, join us. It's the new year, and we have a new rededicated motivation. Game like an Omega, Live like an Alpha. We're here, the Corps is always going to be here, you just gotta open the door and welcome us into your gaming life. Trust me, you'll not regret that decision.

12/1/12: The Crucible that was Sandy. Changes for 2013.

Bout now your all wondering where the hell I have been. Long story short superstorm Sandy. I have to confess that monster did more then just kill power to millions for days, destroy homes and lives or worse take them. it was very much a flood waiting to wash away stagnation. The Corps and indeed the Press were stagnant, prideful and stuck. That is no longer the case

What I am happy to say is the amazing work the Corps teams did during this troubled time, without power much of our base was cut off from us, so we went back to the old fashioned way, simple texts. Through the networks we had we organized dozens of game centers along our zone of influence, store owners with power opened to us and we managed to host weekly if not daily game events for those with nothing else and in need of some distraction and common ground. The Corps outreach was more then even I expected, as members opened their homes - often lit by only generators- and introduced friends and family to the world of RPG's, CCG's and even old fashioned board games like WoW miniatures and Risk starcraft edition. True many laughed, but without high tech means of enjoyment, for some lasting weeks kids and teens needed something. The Corps provided what we could when we could and saw our base not only grow, but those often mocking tones we got for being gamers slowly vanished in some places when we welcomed young and old alike to our tables. Thats not to say we did not loose, our Airsoft division crumbled as many lost their gear and more in the flooding waters the storm let loose, indeed it was a fatal blow to the slowly growing areas of Corps influence. One we shall miss but not one we shall mourn for too long nor linger and anguish over.

What we gained however was, in many ways more then we lost. Myself together with our amazing staff decided the time was right to "relaunch" the Corps and frame it in a proper market friendly light. In recent years We have altered our image to get mass market appeal, that has done nothing for us it could be argued it weakened us. Together we jointly agreed that crap stops now. Starting now, you can see changes on our forum, and in 2013 we open the Citadel, our old forum banner returns and we go back to our roots where we belong. The plans we all have are directed and focused. First among them the new Blue Flame Corps initiative which starts on the forum and spreads. With a new category layout, and more friendly atmosphere we will start offering paid membership under a yearly fee. Why? well for one to buffer our accounts so we can offer our members and guests the very best of what we do. Heres what to expect: New Review sections for all our supported groups, we do this kinda thing anyway but to our knowledge theres no gamer community on the web that actually reviews their RPG books effectively. We will now do that for half a dozen systems. Further our Console gamers will also do independent reviews of their games which are usually more ecclectic games that have devout fanbases but no mainstream suport, sadly that often leads to crummy if any reviews by more hardcore game magazines who fail to understanhd the niche said games occupy. Second is the new ability to Contract our amazing design team members for smaller gigs. If your a DM and you need a setting or help with running a game, our network can find you a co-pilot. if your a player and you need help refining your character we can help. More importantly if your a group who needs a solid DM we will host a extensive list on the forum of registered Dm's and players whom you can contact for your own needs. Think Angies List for Gamers if you will. it's ambitious as hell I agree but, we feel it's new and something the community needs. Further still these new reviews extend to our other favored areas of Books, Manga, Anime and much more.

In addition to those services which are mostly free to all, paid members will get extra goodies. Free newsletters mailed via email monthly or weekly filled with Corps musings, links to forum Articles, Blogs, new material and much more. All of those things will also be on the forum, Articles from our staff about anything from correct Mini placement in games to special tips and tricks. New homebrew material free to members for dozens of RPG systems from Pathfinder to Fate your welcome to use in your own games. Dozens of new Blogs where our staff break down their musings and often insane rantings. In short new material all around, including two article series by myself for your consumption. All this new material is further proof we have gone back home in a sense, people wanted this from us, indeed our forum was never more happy and welcoming then when we did these things for fun. Of late it's desolate I admit, spammers galore and more have caused me to switch to admin approval to registration. It's my hope that we can go back to user free registration very soon. Theres a very easy way I'm doing that, if you register with a monthly code in your user name - something like BFC- we will expidite your registration and give you a month free membership. This way we know who came from the website and who's just a spammer looking to meddle. Make no mistake you can get in anyway but our harsh bot scanners have a habit of deleting accounts if the IP or Email is linked to know spammers, in this age where many have malware on their system folks tend to get axed rapidly. This ensures valid users get approved much faster and safer without the heavy screening.

Finally, the all new Corps Gear will be arriving maybe mid march 2013, magnetic calendars, pens, maybe even USB drives to store your digital books. We have lots planned and frankly less money top do it with but we will make do, rest assured. This is not to say we won't welcome fans from any genre or creed, if your a gamer you have a home with us at the Citadel. Changes are coming, many were forced on us but many more are our choice and one of those is something I've been working on for years. I'm deeply proud to allow Staff members to now see and read a preview Novel from myself called Veritas. A setting designed as it was for a RP on the forum and may yet still be, a project that is ambitious beyond what I usually think myself capable of pulling off. Centered in a world torn and rebuilt by a planet wide mega storm, humanity has awoken to the path of psychic powers, and now struggles to find a new road forward when a race as fractured and warlike as mankind becomes ever more so. Veritas hosts a core that ties it into the mainstay Citadel Rp saga Ascendence but takes a very different and unique take on this which may well be why my staff are calling it a "prequel of awesome". Membership services will start likely in March, so until then everyone gets on the mailing list and free access to all forums as a taste of what is to come.

8/12/12: Reorganization. Announcing the Omega Corps Airsoft Division!

So, Lots of changes going on round here. For one the Forum expansion is done, lot of stuff changed. Namely the sites load out. We chose to break up a bit and allow the Press to handle the Hobby gaming areas while the Corps does something new. So lets hit the updates. First and foremost are the changes to the Press structure, which will now be handling all our forum events and the online area of things. The PBP RP's and whatnot all fall to our Press division. The Reason for that is simple, it's so the Corps can organize itself to support and front our new Airsoft competition teams and reorganize itself into a more proactive and personal area of our organization.

To that end, the forum will soon be hosting a new Airsoft boards area that we hope will grow as our fanbase adjusts to the change. Many of you are asking why Airsoft? The simple answer is because it's become a hobby for myself and the Corps - which organized origionally as a "military" style wing for wargaming. By dipping our hand into the blossoming waters of the sport we are simply doing what the Corps was created to be, a competitive organization, more so now that I've found a superb store out here on the Island that has an indoor range and arena. Our hope is that the Corps and the store which you can visit at StrikeForce Sports - seriously they rock- can somehow organize a fully supported league at some point in the future and become our home base for the Corps events. These guys have both an indoor AND and outdoor arena for games of both Airsoft and Nerf. Wild! Nothing is even on the table yet, I must stress that, but I have every intention to follow up and try my hardest to organize this a wee bit better then we were in the past.

Now further I'm openly calling for new members and Airsoft fans in the Tri-State area, be they fully formed teams or new folks who want someone to organize with to please join us at the forum - or contact me via email or phone - and see about placing yourself in one of our divisions. We plan to have several squads based around the north east, but that depends on folks wanting to join up with us and just hang out. What we do need is a squad 2 lead, Thats our Tech squad, in charge of mods and the technical stuff that I'm irked to say it still on my plate to learn but I pick things up quick. I'm aware some of our friends in new Jersey have asked for a while why we didn't just support the sport earlier - we did nerf, LARP and every damn other thing. Welp call us late to the party but up here in NY it's a chore to find a good store to buy solid gear. Half of us only just found places last month so just bear with us.

To those ends, I expect a new expansion phase to kick in as I get out there and do a few events to shake hands and make some face time with the community near me to get stuff going in the right direction. Will it be overnight? Hell no, but it will hopefully eventually happen. That of course depends greatly on the amount of support we garner from established veterans in the sport and rookies - like ourselves- who wanna learn and get into the game properly with good gear and enough knowledge under our belts to be effective. Currently Squad 0 - My personal team - is recruiting now so if you're in the Tri State and wanna form a new team let me know. Again my email is always open to everyone and if you have my card you have my phone number, call me up leave a message and I'll of course get you back to have a chat.

Now over to the Forum. Of late our online RP and extra activities have gone mostly down hill, the arts of Play By Post are a thing not unlike the dinosaurs, some jerk tossed a meteor at em and killed it off. While that hurts our overall base, the Press is moving aggressively to stabilize the PBP arenas on the forum and currently has enlisted Dr Gon as our resident DM. We will be supporting Piazo's Pathfinder setting almost exclusively from this point forward. Our logic is rather simple. Focus our efforts on two fronts and build solid foundations rather then spread us out and around, Our Cosplay fans may begrudge me but just hang tight for a while and things will even out in due time. So, while the Press handles the forum and RP's the Corps will be organizing and recruiting, well they both will and your welcome to register on the forum and hang out with us, everyones welcome. Also I'm debating opeing up a twitter feed for the Corps, I have no clue why but my trusted mods tell me social media is always good to have. Call me old school but I never figured it as all that important. Still times change, and the Corps will be changing with it. as to the Corps gear, funding kinda dried up but I have a few Patches and extra stuff in the works, small things to boost finances is always a welcome thing.

That about wraps up this months updates, if you live on Long Island or in NY state be sure to be on the look out for me or my moderators, we will be around or at the Airsoft store buying new gear so if you see me please don't be afraid to pull me over introduce yourself and chat. I'm not gonna say no as long as I know what ya need or that your interested in the Corps. Cheers for now, and remember to calibrate those sights properly. Oh Fore I forget, this October wil host the first Forum wide Con. So keep your eyes peeled for that. Trev out.

7/11/12: Growing Pains, The Phoenix Kind.

Wow months away and I have soo much to catch you folks up on. Let me first say that often times, stuff does not exactly go as I planned. The Corps being the case. Lots has changed and more has taken a one way trip to hades. But lets start with it all in order shall we. Grab some popcorn.

First, in the months following my last one much of the Corps support network just fell through, yes it sucks, but we realized rather fast the arts of forum based RP, and gaming forums are rather dead and gone the way of the dodo. We had a old school outlook on our organization and that held us back substantially i9n the areas of membership and fun. Our entire gaming division is now kaput, CCg's right on through the non console types is scattered and really never got the support we wanted. Tabletop RPgers excluded since some of them gladly hopped onto the wagon, most did not sadly. The Core team and i were reasonably depressed but, of late we found our footing and chose to do some radically new remodeling of our image, our backing and our forum.

First off we are very happy to say the following, to our Cosplay groupies you are our core and soul, y'all hung by us and kept the faith and for that i am personally thankful. It's due to your dilligence and steadfast belief in the need for an organization like ours that we kept on chugging along. You folks did the hard work and kept us above water, for that we are most grateful. Now then, whats changing you ask? Well much. Our top priority is of course money and funds, which thanks to our new system of freelancing our astonishing event organization skills has improved. people call us, we come in and produce one hell of a gaming event on a decent budget for a flate rate fee. To date we've done a few smaller events that have done us proud. Currently we are hoping to make it to a small con near our Long Island HQ this summer and really produce some new members into our fold. as ever the Cosplayers are welcome to attend anbd encouraged to visit us and chat with the team and myself.

Second, and arguably most important is our desire to rebuild some areas of the Corps from the ground up. we have interest from fans and folks but no cohesive message, nor a core team. To that end I'm saying this here, if your interested in a core position within our organization email or contact me to talk about it. We need someone to head our social media areas - twitter and facebook fiends welcome- as well as a core lead to our Cosplay division. We got one, our long time gal pal but her work load keeps her from beings as involved as we or she would like. Guys and Girls welcome folks. Third is the image, we are cureently very fractured and that will change. as we move ahead I ask everyone to bear with us for a short while things will get better. Our membership will grow, and our core team of leaders will unify with time and careful planning. Remember not everyone is local, the Corps HQ is on the east coast and many of our smaller divisions never contact me for new events, they just kinda pitter out. we started too broad too fast and paid a price. Rest assured that won't happen again folks, now it's slow and steady. More importantly we are ready to work with those bases we have - namely the Cosplayers groups, and assorted designers/writers and forum based Rpers- to unify our image and message but that takes time, and me working with a ton of people who need my help and attention to organize. You might say we are lacking a PR VP willing to work for candy and cookies instead of money. I'm serious there too, positions are not paid, we don't have remotely near enough funding to pay a salary sadly.

Finally, what we are doing now is rather odd and new for us, with the addition of trying to find a social media guru to run facebook and twitter for the Corps - we are writers and desighers people not twitter masters. Hell I don't have a personal facebook page and likely never will.- we will be rebuilding our foundation from the ground up using our new forum as a baseline. a all new Rp kicks us off this summer based on a novel i personally designed, with potential for a anime branch out if you sign up and get on the train. Second, events. The Corps is dedicated to our small fanbase and to that end I'm saying this openly, if you want to organize or run any gaming event, be they CCG or a gaming store etc you really should contact us to see about getting yours truly to help out. Small though we are, we know our stuff and any CCg event is a guaranteed hit, as well as our smaller but equally amazing roster of console warriors. Further if you want to start your own local area division of the Corps, email me. I'll talk about sending Corps gear and cards your way for a small price to get the word out. The Corps needs you people, stand and be counted among peers and friends. now many of you are screaming that I'm sick in the head for thinking such a organization could work. I believe fervently it can, as do my core team of loyal retainers. we are not asking to take over the scene, far from it. But we believe said groups would enjoy and benefit from a core network of people who are kin in thoughts and hobbies. I'll be advertising locally all summer and handing out cards. we are rebuilding folks, now is the time to get on board and join a community that will appreciate every little hand you give. So if you see me on a forum, or want info please do not hesitate to pull me over, introduce yourself and spark up a conversation. I'm a rather personable fellow, don't worry about taking my time away. Or, simply email me, the contact info is here and if you have my card you have my telephone # call, let the message play and let me know your calling with Corps questions. I will pick up and gladly chat with thou.

I know it's a long hard road, but we can and shall make this work if given time and the support of people who share our convictions and hobbies. Long road ahead, but the Corps will burn the bridges we have to. But rest easy, burn they shall. Oh fore I forget this summer we will be telling our mjembers to get the word out and holding small meet and greets as local gamestops and card stores. as well as having a massive Corps garage sale likely in August- look for RPg books, CCG's, Manga, Graphic Novels, Anime DVD's. The works as basement bargan pricing so keep eyes locked here for a date time and location. This is Trev, out for the week. Long live the Corps. Oh and remember our new slogan, "Omega Corps, Bring your Alpha Game"

3/3/12:B.A.L updates and Bad Magical Lingo.

Howdy loyal readers, it is I back again after a short break to answer the metric crap ton of questions you emailed me since the last update.

First off the Corps would like to extend our hand to the legions of avid "Nerfers" and Nerf lovers who opened their doors to us and rapidly assimilated into the Corps fold. Y'all are amazing and really the age gaps are something I never planned for, we have grandparents who are contacting me on behalf of their grandkids and adults 30+ wanting to sign up for our adult league brackets. Whilst many see this as odd, I really don't. Our old LARP crew had men and women 40+ enjoying it and lets be honest fun has no age requisite.

Ok thats out of the way down to the real meat. Many of you have asked, often repeatedly for details and now I finally have them to give. The B.A.L will be establishing leader boards on our forum that will update once I get results from the country wide factions and teams already mustering and organizing - or so I'm told by my captains in other states- Our season schedule is still in the air as far as I know since I have yet to get a formal reply from many of the smaller teams as to their intentions and total size. But for the most part we shall play that close to our chest and see what happens. As far as rules, the League rules will be posted on the forum as well but expect the typical slate for war games with some unique LARP inspired buffs. No not sand bag spells, but optional armor and such are in discussion. The League is open to all Nerf clases of guns, from all lines - though the dart tag ammo would require us to enforce eye protection since that velcro covering seems to concern the younger league members.- and allows the N-Strike weaponry from swords to the rest. So fret not all are welcome with equal fervor. We also have Squads/ Guilds planned to create a larger sense of conflict. LARP has it's kingdoms and such and so shall the league have the factions. Thus far we are waiting on some more commanders to register with me so we can formalize the Guilds on the forum and here in the site. Email me people.

Now to the subject of mods, I'm well aware that many of the newer models of guns can be cracked open and modded for advanced usage. While the Corps and myself have a long history in airsoft weaponry it seems to us that many of the full auto blasters operate in similar ways. We intend to allow mods provided the users can explain the mods actual effects, at least until our lingo skills get to where we can banter with the best of them. Many of you seemed adamant we either ban or allow, so I've reached a middle ground with the head leaders of the league and we are going to make it team optional. Meaning every Guild or Team can say yes or no as they wish. We shall neither mandate nor dismiss the idea of modded blasters since it's usually something that really never hurts the challenge. Ok true a faster RoF or Longer range/ accuracy can be a boon but thats just the state of conflict sometimes you won't have the best gear. So folks are free to opt in or out as they wish. The next subject came up a lot, how the N-Strike gear - swords and such- is practical when the gun/blasters are already standard. Well it's kinda simple, why should we not allow em? Range of versatility in ones choices is never a bad thing. Sides many of our LARP converts are a bit overzealous and claim they shall never use the blasters. I expect that will change once they witness the chaos but maybe it won't. Having a all melee Guild is actually a good idea to many of us.

Finally we come to the key points of " How is this unique" well aside from our community being as large as it is, our team masters are essentially superbly trained. Players can expect to get really modern skills when dealing with us, as we intend to cover and do lectures for everything from rapid clip reloads to modern tactical issues. Our Sword and melee skill teams are also going to be mentoring everyone who wants it, in any of our dozen or so known styles - yes we even have a Jedi combat expert in talks to join.- Our war-gamers will have more skills and tools at their disposal to make thegames far more fun and engaging since realism tends to always help the issue. Ok sure, the younger leagues can do whatever but the teen and up leagues will have the option of advanced skills. All of this info as well as tactical and style topics will be available for free on the forums online blog if your interested starting mid march. Now as to League organization, we have east coast squads mobilizing from the tri-state area down to about the Carolinas but our west coast teams are scattered and middle of the country has nobody. League founders are welcome to contact me for details and I shall send you a bunch of Corps cards and info free of charge. My email is always open to folks who want more info and would rather not wait for my updates here which can be sporadic at best.

Last but always not least we like to close with some humor. It;s my experience that one should never try to instruct a mage in the art of gun combat. They seem to think suppressive fire means they should use their fireball spell more often. I find myself wanting to see if their shield spell can withstand my 80 dart assault as a example of suppressive fire. Until next time remember to keep an extra clip handy.

2/22/12: Ambition is like a Fire, sometimes you get burned. Rise Corps Arena Battle League!

Suffice to say this month has been a major bummer to many of the Corps membership. But not for any really bad reasons, with out RPG teams shuffling and my personal focus on the small community events we have to get name recognition I'm sorry to say I've been out of touch woth the larger base of the Corps for a few weeks now. Our effoprts to get smaller factions out into the greater 48 have been slow going, and my once full mailbox has seen a drought. But that is not a really huge problem far as I see it. Hobby gamers are very much a "keep it close to the chest" crowd. We tend to huddle and remain in a safe and enjoyable situation long as we can, stepping into the blaring spotlight and stating openly your a member of the Corps is not, it seems on the agenda for some just yet.

That however is not going to stop the ambition - some say egomania- of the Corps staff and core membership. In fact we just announced to our local area a groundbreaking project that I'm going to announce here. Right now. In a major move this past week the Myself and my closest generals forged an allyance with some of the smaller LARP teams in the tri-state area in a effort to modernize and update the live action wargame crowd to a new millenia. Suffice to say many of their leaders came to me recently and asked how they could gerner more members. My points were blunt but honest, ditch the mandatory costumes, stop thowing spell sandbags and find sword trainers to help folks learn their weapons as opposed to going out there and banging away like a kid. if you want to be taken seriously start acting serious. This is why the Core Corps LARP crew garners so much praise our guys know how to wargame.

So after a talk we reforged the alliance between our groups and I went to work finding a way to modernize and also broaden the scope. Many folks enjoy the idea of live action wargames but really do not want to fight alongsie some cleche fantasy kingdom with 50 year olds and elf ears. Not that I care but let us all be honest it can freak some folks out and thats not good for recruiting. The Corps is in this for the greater advancement of all hobby gaming so we don't judge. Others do, and rather harshly. That does not mean we scurry away and hide from scrutiny the Corps simply says "ok" and works to blow their criticisms out of the water with a high powered nuke. That is just what we did.

I'm very proud at this time to announce the formation of the Corps A.B.L - Arena Battle League-. A new idea and tajke on the oldest of hobbies - sort of oh the hell with acutal age, 90% of us went outside as kids and slew dragons with foam swords accept that- The League is a updated revamped view of LARP with a focus on opening up the gates of wargames by using modern and accesable means. Lets face it, money is tight for us gamers. Most of us cannot affort to go out and buy or hand stitch costumes and custom make weaponry. Those that can get kudos but for those that can't the Corps found a most elegant partner. Nerf. Yes folks Nerf, makers of toys since I was little. But the Corps has found a secret weapon in the growing legion of fans who are rabidly devoted to the new N-Strike and N-Force lines. As a proud Nerf fan for my whole life I can say the new gear is miles beyond the old. Full auto guns, clips, sturdy and damn near amazing swords and weaponry make my inner child scream " WANT!"

So the Corps listened, we found a hardcore collection of folks who wanted Nerf to shine, and we merged them with the new initiative. The League will be your hub to set up and organize your own Nerf wars in your area. We will in the coming days update our forum to provide top notch content including reviews, how to mod the weaponry safely and securely, paint apps and most of all tactical and advanced technique locations where our Corps team - and masters as war- will meet you and take you through advanced tactical tools. From the quick reloads to sword styles and techniques. These seminars are free to attend and open to all. Most importantly we are holding open sign ups for new league formation, each smaller league will be tied into our network and we will relay dates and loactions via this site and the forum. Members have access to us almost 24/7 with upt to the minute info.

But this is nothing if you don't join the cause, Nerf fanbatics are urged to contact me and start forming leagues for the summer battle season, which will feature a up to the minute action replay by myself and the core team. You can submit to us vids of your battles, or even if your daring training vids to help the greater cause and we will view em all, the best will get shot clean to our media center and our Yutube channel. - which will arrive this summer we hope- Most ambitions of all is the adaptive story arc, each battle will roll with a new theme and timeline that I will personally track and adapt as local leagues form and factions rise and fall. Providing to you a immersive experience unlike any other. This goes beyond totals and points, we are taking the wargame to a new level with advanced rules and bonus content Corps leagues alone have access to.

So that about covers it this week. Arena team laders are urged to email or if your in the area pick up one of our cards and call to get details on founding a league and what it intails. Rules and such will follow Via a emailed newsletter as well as information on fan content submissions and what gear is allowed. There are those of you lruking out there who adore the gear, now is the time to ally with the Corps and get your passion noticed. Lock and Load people.

2/18/12: Press RPG Liquidation Sale and Updates.

Hey folks. Lots of news this week but the first subject is one that you may be very interested in. The Press has a backlog of RPG books that we no longer need so we are giving you the chance to buy em off us at dealbreaking prices well below MSRP. The Books for Sale include the following-

Exalted 2nd edition series: Core, Lunars, Abyssals, Infernals, Dragon-Blooded, Sidereals, Book of Sorcery (books 1 through 5) , Scroll of the Monk, Return of the scarlet empress, Scroll of divinities, Scrol of Exalts, Scroll of Heroes, Scroll of Fallen Races and the Storytellers companion. All books are MINT condition excepting a removed character sheet for the core books that was removed via exacto knife for easier scan and copying for our teams. That page will be included for sure. Pricing is low - core hardcovers 20$, paperbacks 15$-, Shipping will be done from my home via USPS - Us postal- or if you tack on some extra UPS tracking # included. Further we are also blowing out our small D and D 4E books including the folowing: 4E players handbooks - 1,2 and 3- Arcane Power, Martial Power 1, Divine Power 1, Psionic Power, Primal Power, and the Players options Heroes of shadow books. We are selling them solo or as a Instant collection in bulk for a discounted rate. If your a RPG gamer and need a book from above or maybe want a mint condition - not even dust or scratches on the covers- instant starting block please contact me via the email link on the page. I'm more then happy to set down payment options and discuss the pricing- wich is open for negociation if you order enough- All proceeds will benefit the Corps and Press paying for new supplies our small teams really need. So help out your fellow gamers and nab a new book while your at it.

On the final update the Press is moving ahead with the development of our new RPG system full steam, our playtest teams are already in game sessions and giving us vital feedback. Thus far our plans are to hit the major Cons this season and let you see us face to face. I know it is rather strange to think I'll be there in person talking to you folks and not acting like some strange talking keyboard on a website. Track us down by following the screaming Kobolds and burning Goblin villages. We hope to garner enough money this summer to hit the major east coast ones at the very least but if things go well we may even hit the west coast only time will tell.

Thats sadly about it this week, I'm occupied with organizing a Corps night game festival for my coming birthday and hard at work in that regard so I pray you will forgive my lack of witty banter this week. Next week maybe yes? Until then remember Mages are not overpowered they are simply misunderstood.

2/12/12: Welcome back White Wolf, CAOS System update & new Spnsored RPG's

Well, time heals wounds it seems. Lots to update today and all of it major so lets hit the books

First off, The Corps seinor staff met at length across these past weeks to formally consider a fan based motion to reinstate our support and sponsorship of White Wolf teams. We did this in our usual gamer way, calm debates followed by duels with swords and jousts if things got hairy. At the end of the day the Staff and fans reached a happy consensus. Effective as of this typing the Corps is welcoming back White Wolf fans to our fold with all the same perks and fun. However there is a caveat. We have altered our sponsorship rules and guides to handle any problems proaxctively. Meaning a few things, First the Corps will once again help sponsor teams. This means we will link them up, help players find teams, provide help in any way possible - from buying books to organizing games for Dm's etc- And provide cutting edge fan content. But we will not, repost or publicly show the system or rules used nor shall we charge or in any way claim ownership. Essentially all our custom swag will be posted still but you will have to understand the system. We are not runninmg a wiki here and posting system information - thats copywritten no less- for public use. Thats not saying you can't go to a wiki and get that info for free but the Corps supports these companies and encourages our members to at least own a core book or two.

Now having said that, we also want to welcom into the fold new teams under the banner of new Game systems. Just recently we added a team from the indie RPG Nobilis which is amazing and complex. Further the Corps has welcomed several anime themed d20 teams into the fold and have plans to welcome a Marvel RPG team once that core system becomes available later in march. Further our CCG division is moving ahead full steam, holding gatherings at public places to help new players into the genre and showcasing amazing matches. We currently need a lead team to help our Magic: The Gathering squad update their decks and rules as we have all been out of the system for years. if your interested in helping contact me.

Second is the grand announcement that the diceless RPG system designed in house is basically done, and no I will not divulge info but to say it lives up to the name. CAOS uses a unique hybrid design to capture the cinematic feel of RPG's and allow combat to be at once random and player controlled. For more info keep your eyes posted here. Finally I'd like to thank again our fantastic membership for really working hard to find ways in which the Corps can serve the larger community of our hobby gaming brethren - and sisters, you gamer gals need to make more effort to stand out- The Corps is in a way recomitted to supporting companies and those who play the games we all love and enjoy. Though I shall not voice my opinion on the recent reveal of 5E d and d. I think it's best the Corps stays neutral and thus I swear to never again go off on a tangent here. It's not productive.

In closing a warm thanks to our readers and a big shout out to the crazy squad of mercenaries who managed to recapture our wayward dragon-bunnies. They are now seals behind cages once again and shall hopefully stay there. Little buggers destrpyed a carrot crop then went on a rampage and slew wandering people at random, it's like they failed to realize some folkd are not after theior gold. Not that they have any, we took it all for the Corps.

2/9/12: Joint Press and Corps Update, Announcing Hymn Of Solarios

Rare double update but there are some major rumors flying about that have to be put down like a wayward Ghoul. Lets get into those right now

First and foremost, my prior post caused a bit of an uproar as to what the Corps was going to do now with the RPg division. Let me take a few moments to relay the exact process. First after the Corps staff was made aware of the changes we instantly move to assemble the enitre Corps member base into the forum chat. That went smoothly to be honest. Our second step was to just let things fly, many members shared our outrage but alos our concern that we were, in sponsoring White Wolf as a system skirting a fine line bwteen fan content and some copywright laws specifically in our overarching and unified story arcs and custom content. The Corps voted, almost as a single voice to remove all WW systems from Corps sponsorship status at once. As founder I was beholden to obey my members. As harsh as it was to loose all our sponsored teams in a single vote we chose to unify under our members wishes.

So what does a Corps sponsorship title entail? It's simple, sponsored teams and settings are ganted many benefits, first access to a DM and Player help line on our forum, custom designed content, advanture paths and setting tweaks and a whole host of unique Corps only material. With that vote our White Wolf game teams were effectively cut off from the brain and heart of the Corps and told that they were now independent and could function as any average RPG team, on their own and without such access or benefits. Most of them opted to do just that and continue on solo. They hated it since our Dissonance arc was just getting god, but we are nothing of not a united organization. With WW now effectively exiled and our sponsorship teams open we are moving ahead to fill those gaps with systems that are more, welcoming towards fan created content and a bit more relaxed when it comes to their openness towards such things.

Right now, at this typing our teams are reforming and many have chosen to stop White Wolf games entirely, switcning to more OGL systems Pathfinder chief among them but also the Fate driven Dresden Files RPG. Now we are unsure of FATE is OGL ready but thus far our effeorts to find proof are not forthcoming with evidence against. Thus for now those two occupy our new Sponsored team slots, granting them full access to the substantial Corps resource archive and database. Several other teams under our blessing continue to enjoy and play White Wolf games, and thats all right by us, we simply can have nothing to do with them. the same as we are with our members who choose to enjoy D and D 4E. While we cannot support nor make custom material we support their choice and right to have a fun enjoyable time whole heartedly.

Now many of you thought -wrongly- that this meant the Corps was dismissing the legitimacy of these teams who chose to enjoy games we can't design for. That could not be farther from the truth, we simply made a call to not skirt that legal abyss any longer and instead focus on a organizational outlook that allowed us to remain here, poised to support all hobby gamers across the board. Rather then being bound up in fear and legal worry over what could happpen should we cross a line we can't even see. Rest assured, all table top RPG games have a place at Corps events, and equal time at our pizza table during breaks to chat and discuss their favorite systems and settings. The Corps design team has simply chosen to focus on systems we can design freely for without fret or worry. Which is essential if we are to provide the cutting edge of material our members rabidly demand from us. Rest assured this will not cause us much lasting damage, if anything wer are recovered and moving along now.

You may ask what exactly we are moving into? I'm overjoyed to announce that after a formal meeting of the top members and core staff of the Press and Corps we have universally agreed to take a step ahead and move to do something really ambitious. Our custom RP setting Solarios will be used as a jumping point and is being given a full comprehensive rules system. In short we are taking our humble RP and making it a table ready RPG. Hymn of Solarios is to be sure a wildly insane and creative setting. Unlike anything out there, but familiar enough to make it rich and alive. While our forum shall host the toined down rules light RP version by summer, the full bodied RPG will be hopefully released to beta testers across the country - yes, our hidden Corps testers are out there among you- where they will invite their friends to test and relay beta info to me in my evil lair. We are hoping that by 2013 the full RPG will be ready to go public and be published as a full book available at the Press company store along with our Corps merchandise. Don't expect much flash, simple print and solid content are our goal since money will by then be tight. Once released Hymn will be the fully supported and sponsored system for the Press and Corps. Since we own it, we are free to really deliver the sort of content we want completely worry free. The game will utilize our yet to be named - or designed much- CAOS system. which will be revealed on the forum very slowly as details emerge.

We'd like to thank all our members for their support and input, that you all answered the call when we had need of fan input really means a lot to the staff and leadership. Rest assured - I'll say it again- that we are going nowhere and will continue to provite all hobby and console gamers the best events and community we can possibly maintain. Gallons of blood sweat and tears went into creating the Corps, something as small and routine as this will not be more then a pebble in the road, we stumble but shall not fall. In addition to that our CCG and CMG teams are moving ahead to try and find a home base in their areas from which Corps events can be hosted. so keep an eye out at your local comic shops for Corps nights, which feature a open atmosphere, competitive leagues and arenas, the Corps seal of approval and our logo prominently displayed for all to see. These events will be scattered but, if you know a local shop that would want to host a game night, contact me so I can make arrangements. Stores in the Tri State area wil be given precidence as our core membership is centralized around that area just now. Store owners are encourgade to ally with us, it's a win win for everyone.

We always like to close with humor, but given the bearing and importance of the above I think we shall forego...Wait hold up a sec I have a phone call...... Well thats odd, apparently someone let out our army of mutated Dragon-bunnies. Um, you all may wish to take a few levels in dragon slaying classes and carry a fire proof coat with you until we exterminate our little evil minions. Remember anything cute is by default rather insidious and evil. I'm off to lead a army of valiant and ambitious thrill seekers to their likely doom. Catch you next time.

2/7/12: Upcoming events, Solarios post production And more.

First updates of a new month are always rough so much to cover and not enough caffine to handle it all. But we have several major announcements to handle so bear with me while we dig in.

First among them is the upcoming Corps online promotion. Seeing as how we are a gaming organization our hobby game side has shown to the sun more often but we also sponsor a wide array of Console and online game franchises. Since we have yet to find a industrious or willing person who would rent us space to front our own in house tourneys we have as a group chosen to exploit online. In the coming months keep your eyes here for Xbox and PSN leagues for choice fighters and games like UMVC 3, Naruto Generations, Soulcalibur V and more. The Corps main team has access to one or the other system so we will be posting their gametags for you when a tourney is around the corner. These will start off casual but if enough of you join we will happily turn them into cash prizes at the end of seasons.

Now a minor, well large setback. The Corps was struck by news this week that White Wolf inc, a mainstay in our RPG division, hell the only company represented there. Has made the decision to switch to "on demand" printing. allying themselves not with mass market outlets but a single niche outlet for their new line of PDF and single priting suppliments. The Corps was and still is outraged, for a simple reason. Not everyone can afford a tablet or laptop to read a damn PDF file, and if they are going digital do it right. Switch to Ebook format and mass market to the secure outlets like Amazon and Barns and Nobel. The entire Corps has access to some form of Ebook reader at least even if it's a loaner from parents. In a morning vote Corps wide the organization has moved to strike our sponsored support of all WW lines effective as of this typing. Now sadly this is a full third of our RPG division and our most dominant one. But our members have agreed that some things are better off not done, and moving to make Table Top into Tablet PC is a harsh pill to swallow.

Now do not regret, I'm working with two members to try and work out a Corps sponsorship with them, they would ship me single copies of the new books we deem worth it. Long as I have a copy I can then put it in the main archives for the Corps HQ near my house which is open to all Corps members locally. At least a single book for all is better then allowing a third of our teams to dissolve. If you agree with us, or feel like we do that Digital should be done right - That is again switching to a mass market format Ebook and using secure known distrubutors like Amazon or the like- we urge you to email White Wolf and let them have a piece of your mind. From the Corps standpoint, this is not jumping ahead of the trend, it's being lazy and insulting to a large global fanbase who should not need expensive personal tablets or computers to gain access to new books. What is it they expect we wonder? That everyone will bring a laptop to game sessions and spend minutes slogging through a PDF? or print up page upon page of it to self bind and store? It's silly. Softcover suppliments are fine by us but release them properly please. From the View of the Corps this move only hurts the Table Top community who now have less options to gain access to their favorite game settings.

From bad to good it seems, The Press and Corps are proud to announce the near completion of our first major RPG titles Hymn of Solarios. Our entire organization has spent over 2 months in reality planning and designing. As of this typing we are nearly done with world building. You should expect to see it debut on our home forum sometime around mid march. Talk about fast, we expected a mid summer release but with over 200 members working behind the scenes we managed it in barely a month and a half. That said the Press would like to thank the makers of energy drinks for keeping them awake and alert while they spent sleepless nights in chat on our forum planning. Oddly enough Mana energy drink was the most used, and we still can't cast those fireball spells. I smell a false advertising quip coming on.

In addition to that, our forum has seen record hits which we owe all to you our members. As a way of saying thanks we have put into production a host of Corps merchandise that should be arriving mid summer early fall in enough bulk for us to get the swag up for sale here on our very site. So from the Corps to you we say Thanks for making us flourish. If your a gamer and want to start a corps sponsored team in your area and need info use the contact form on the sidebar. I'll be happy to get you current newsletters and updates promptly as we need them. Right now the Corps is NY based but that has to change, so this is a call to all hobby gamers who want in. Contact us for information and details on registering with out database to link up to the Corps main heart. Doing so gets you and your team a shipment of Corps membership cards free of charge, details up to the date newsletters sent by me and access to special boards on our forum along with entry into this seasons RPG story arcs which are one of a kind.

Till next time, make sure you keep your swords sharp, nobody wants to be eaten by a Grue.

1/17/12: Welcome to the Academy, Project Dissonance & Project Solarios

Hello again fans and gamers. Tonight I'm very pleased to have some major Press and Corps announcements. Many of you have been waiting for info on several of these issues so lets get down to it

First on our agenda tonight is a update to the hotly demanded Corps Academy. Many of you have emailed me and outright pleaded for us to start the classes and discussions and I want you to know I read every mail sent my way. Now before you show up at Corps HQ with torches and pitchforks let me assure you the classes and academy itself is well underway and moving slowly but surely into the realm of working. We hit a few hiccups with our squad captains and had to decide on courses we will be offering. The climate around such forums is a bit tense these days so we wanted to always offer a different perspective. The academy will start likely late March with myself opening the classes with my rather martial take on the arts of combat and my personal style everyone has dubbed the "Magus Arts". Interested? good check us out and see what secrets I will lay forth for your eager consumption.

So, since the academy issue is now done lets move to the next major announcement. In conjunction with our huge sponsored network of table top RPG games - read my post below to see em all- our master DM has united the game masters from every game and created a mind bending global story arc, that winds between every franchise in the Wold Of Darkness setting that includes most of the White Wolf games we sponsor. Excluding Exalted of course- each team is thus far deeply engaged in this huge single story that is frankly, mind bending in the scope. Vampire players sitting round a table with Changelings, Mages and Werewolves working together, Hunters and Scions at odds. The games are simply insane to watch as these often shy and exclusive game teams start to meet their peers and get a first hand look at how interconnected the setting truly can be. My own personal Mage team, - yes folks I play not just preach from this website- is deeply embroiled in the growing conflict as a unknown evil starts to unite the darker halves of every faction into a global conspiracy. Paradox is flowing free and many a village has been devoured in combat between ticked off Vampires and Werewolves. Many cities have been reduced to rubble as the Gods of Scion and Mages battle titanspawn and the Silver Ladder. If you want in, our forum will soon be hosting a special board where I will help outside teams get involved in what we are calling Project Dissonance. All players are welcome to read the updates to the campaign and join the discussion.

Finally, I'm simply astonished to be announcing that the Forum may soon be hosting a all new RP experience. After months of debate the Press design team and myself have sat down, looked at the novel I'm curently writing and started to design a whole new Rp universe. Custom crafted for players who want a dark gritty experience in a world were lines are not cut and dry and humanity is a obsolete species. The setting right now has no name but is being called Project Solarios by our design teams. Currently we are just in the design phases but what is shaping up is a whole new take on what people think of as the modern "magical traditions". Drawing from our favorite sources of inspiration we are working hard to find a blend of action, tension and harsh reality that will - we hope- offer our fans something unseen on the often overused and tired forum RP scene. This is not another typical setting and world, using our best resources we are crafting a world with scope, history and morality. Stay tuned here as I reveal more details as they happen.

Well we always like to close with some humor, so let me pose this riddle to you. How does a Mage manage to Paradox a whole town out of existance? Find out in the forums lounge to see who the guilty culprit is. Give ya a hint, That dastardly mage is typing this post. Whoops. Now if you miss my reference look up Mage: The Awakening and read up on it. The system is worthy of every gamers time. Oh and before I go, I just want to let you know that our forum requires a valid active email acccount to register. Many of our new members forgot that and complained to me. I had to inform them as I am you now, I get sent a verification email when you register. If that welcome email bounces I know why. Trying to use a inactive or invalid email will be shown and the server will not allow you to finish activating your account. Please remember to use a VALID and ACTIVE email account- you can opt out of mass emails very simply and easily and we NEVER send you spam or crap mails. Further CHECK your bulk email folders if you have a special one, our server sends the welcome email - which holds the link to activate your account- as Bulk priority. Many of our members said they never got it and they did, it was simply shunted to a separate folder that many people keep for the typical crap most of us get as bulk email. Till next time, may your crits always be perfect and never crap.

1/2/12: New Year, New things.

So, here we are in 2012. No zombie apocalypse to speak of just yet so thats a good thing for all of us. Humor aside welcome back for the first post of the new year. First updates.

Our latest major update is the rapidly growing selection of teams sponsored by the Corps, thus far we have 14 total. 2 each of: Werewolf the Forsaken, Vampire the Requiem, Changeling the Lost, Mage the Awakening. 2 Scion teams, 2 Pathfinders and now our recently added 2 Dresden Files RPG teams. Now the FATE systemn is unknown to most of us so this team has a lot to proove far as sponsorship goes. Time will tell but being a huge fan of the actual books I'm genuinely hoping it works out and becomes a mainstay in the collective. At this point our resources are fully taxed so sadly we will not be adding more teams to our squads until our funds stabilize or we find more dependable space.

That said, the forums moving along with stability, not many users to speak of, though we are a spammer magnet for gods knows why. Still our community took a few hits recently with membership leaving as we went through some growing pains. It happens and none of the core team is worried. On a follow up the Corps Academy classes will be starting very soon so be sure to register for them asap.

Since thats almost all we need to say I would again like to invite everyone to sign up to the forum and Corps exclusive access but also remind potential store owners that the Corps needs a home base so if your interested in hosting our events - and we will be making it worth your while- drop me a line and lets see if we can't work a arrangement out. My email is always open for such things so don't be afraid to use it. Welp thats all for now, Happy New Year hobby gamers.

12/28/11: Voices from Never-Never Land & Corps Academy

Now that the holidays are over for the most part I'm back from the beyond as it would seem. And for the record yes that first line of the intro is a lyric reference from the new album by a Corps favorite band Nightwish. In this update we have a lot of new information to lay down so lets get to it

First, after getting the team together and working things over the Press has decided to discontinue the RP on our home forum. It's been a long hard run trying but times and things change. I'm sure many of you noticed our new fresh layout and the new areas. As I detailed in my prior update the forums been remodeled to support the organization more completely. Our members have adapted and barring a few lazy lurkers we hope to get activity to boots and return soon. Now in that vein you'll be pleased to note that both myself and the press members have begun uploading our homebrew material for the systems the Corps supports. More is on the way but we take care to playtest and carefully weight our designs for maximum play potential before we upload em to the forum.

Second is a rather new direction for half the Corps, those members being part of our metaphysical departments. In a effort to extend our grasp and get ourselves some engaging discussions going we have begun a outreach program - through the Corps network- to find folks who wish to help us form a new style of community. That leads into what we lovingly call Corps Academy. Many of you have noted our new Meta-Physical discussion boards, one of them bearing the tutular name. That board is being prepped to host a bit of a online experiment. I and a few choice members of the Corps team have agreed to start online classes of a sorts. 4 to 5 month seasons based around a plethora of ideas, concepts and techniques from Energy Work to more general issues like shieldings etc. Now we realize many other forums do this style of help. But the Corps is in a unique position in that our network of masters branches into all major fields of thought not just one dogmatic view, thus our classes will be a more ecclectic style. Focusing less on if your wiccan or druid and more on the fundamentals and core, regardless of theology and theory behind what to do and what not to.

Now I realize this may get some folks nickers in a twist, but really thats almost what the press has always done, we work our own angle and lets the dust settle before we judge. Techniques do not belong to one style in our humble view and many techniques can be enhanced and refined by taking away the lables of those who use them and looking at the issue itself without a backdrop of implied theology. Yes there are a few links even we of the open mind will simply not tolerate, and those shall not be said openly unless they raise their heads on the forum, but we feel that our huge base of information would be of great resource to folks who just want solid knowledge without a religious or theological bent to it. The classes and blogs will be starting soon, so be sure to keep a watchful eye and register since they are only open to Corps membership.

Also, I would like to formally announce the Corps now has 6 RPg teams under our sponsorship. Among them my personal Scion team, as well as teams for the following games: Pathfinder d20, Exalted- second edition, Mage the Awakening, Vampire the Requiem, Changeling the Lost and Werewolf the Forsaken. Yes folks thats a whole bunch of White Wolf games there but our teams favor more "adult" games. You eventually grow out of hacking away at dragons and want to tell a story not worry about optimizing your half elf rogue for max damage against a troll. Thats In no way a insult, a simple statement that we found through talking to our membership. The younger crowd seems to favor fast combat and less story. The more mature crowd by and large like their RPG's with meat and a side order of story. It's just how the search turned out. We threw our support out there to run and help sponsor game masters who needed a hand, those groups took us up on the offer and found themselves with a wealth of aid at their disposal. Fear not, if you have yet to get in on our generous content and aid network, the forums waiting and theres my email as well.

So to close this last update before the new year I'd like to finish by reminding folks that the Press and Corps are just hitting stride and we have a long way to go. The hobby gaming communities around us have embraced us and for that we deeply thank them but this is a far reaching effort not limited by state borders, and it's only as strong as our legions of fans I mean. Theres room to grow, and we will always look to expand and reach the new hunting grounds that exist out there. If you have doubts ask the local LARP crew we recently signed on to sponsor. Thats right folks soon that very lucky team of people will have me and the Press writing them storylines and battle scenarios as well as our rather experienced armorer and tailor working to make their gear better then ever. Now you may say " What do they have to do with hobby gaming?" In truth nothing but they had the courage to find me and ask for help, a small crew of maybe 20 people looking to get started. They called and the Corps answered. try it out and see if we can't get you to wear our colors in no time flat.

12/17/2011: Changes Ahead

With the holidays right around the corner, and the Press design team sick of long sunless hours locked in our design rooms, the Corps and Press have called a break for the holidays. We've been working non stop from one thing to another and it's all become a jumble. Even the best need a break.

So, What do we have planned for the new year? well lets talk about this year. In accordance with our scaled back team we are downsizing the RP importance on the forum. It's been a good run but really thats not helping us entertain you our fans so, while a smaller - and no less amazing- one will remain it will not be our focal point. The Forum will get a face lift soon to expand our Press and Corps areas with unique categories and expanded player support from both sides of our organization. The Press teams will be moving to support existing RPG's and will be releasing cool new swag when we can free opf charge for existing RPg's that we sponsor, Including Pathfinder, Exalted, Mage: The Awakening, Scion and others. Now we know those are not our systems or games so we won't be charging for our free stuff, just loading up the boards with tips, hints and new stuff for everyone to loot and use at their liesure.

Further the Corps will be moving to aggressively gain space for our planned Corps nights. Yes we still need someone with a adventurous spirit, and a ton of space to open to me and the team so we can host games like M:TG, WOW CCG and more alongside our several sponsored RPG teams, and our new Warhammer Mini's group. While I've petitioned most local game shops near our home base none have even batted a eye before saying "no". But hope is not lost. if your a Hobby gamer on Long Island - our largest branch location- and have/attend a hobby shop that has space, and is interested in allying with the Corps email me. I'll show up in person and explain what we would like to arrange. That aside, the Corps will be hosting online seasons of our favorite RPg's online and free of charge in the very near future. First up is Pathfinder since it's OGL and easier to run. But Exalted and Scion are in the contention after we format a disclaimer.

Now, 2012 is just around the corner. First on our list is something rather radical. The trend lately is live streams of favored console games broadcast via the web for free. Well the Press and Corps, being the utter nerds we all are- have decided to once we get space ready try for a live Hobby stream weekly, with MTG tourneys, and RPg sessions live from this website. It's high time the best players in our favored areas goit some web rep. Crazy? Oh completely but we know it will work. Now following or if we can manage that, the Corps has been runing a local tourney for the past month. Locally of course out of our super secret bunker but with solid results and attendance, maybe we will expand that. Time will tell. The Corps agenda for 2012 is simple, truck along and keep giving our readers and fans reasons to join the movement. Seriously join us, or we may resort to using a mono-blue deck to mind control you. -Kidding-

The Press agenda for 2012 however is more, ambitious. I'm currently working on a deal with our resident game designer Dr.Gon to get him to promote and outline his exclusive game on our forum and site prior to him selling it to Piazo publishing. The Press realized it's not financially able to buy the rights, and can't contend with a huge company like Piazo but Dr.Gon owns the rights still so we got him on the line. Further we are on record to keep updating and soon spully exclusive content and bonus stuff for 6 full RPG systems, leading that charge is the OGL stuff of course but fan content is also on the agenda for many of the games we sponsor. Including a whole new Pantheon for the Scion RPG by White Wolf, one of our favorite systems and settings.

So yes, we have many evil plans for the new year, and likely the rest of this year will be made to update our forum and content provisions every day. If your not a active forum member or a Omega Corps member sign up now. Also on the forum note, due to a huge amount of spam accounts - which i delete personally. Please if your signing up from this site put a BFC somewhere in your username. Just so we know to fast track your account status and keep our spamservice from killing your account wholesale. You can totally change the name once your in, so fret not. It's just to help the staff and I know who's legit and who wants to bork our lovely forum with spam. The former we welcome, the latter we massacre wholesale.

Welp, thats all for now folks. I'll be back later this month for more updates. Till then I'll leave you with our trademark closing style. Remember Vorpal weapons are always fun until you fumble a critical and slice your Gnome Clerics head off. Please, practive safe Vorpal combat everyone.

12/2/2011. Corps Holiday Reflections

First update of a very special month for many but more so for the Corps which has seen a rebirth these past weeks in both interest and activity here and on the forum. It's a funny thing that something so minor would garner such attention but I suppose it was the right time.

Of all the questions I get lately all focus on something I'd like to clarify namely the differences in our twin organizations. The Press is of course the parent, but also our main design/publishing studio. All of our forum designs and RP ideas - even those ideas that work with established RPG's like d20- come from the minds at the Press. Now, the Omega Corps is the new one, as I have said the Corps is not about design but promotion, support and linking the huge community it represents together. The Corps Game Resource Division often works with our Press team to provide new ideas and hooks for our RPG sponsor teams so in a way they do work together and overlap.

But I digress. Back to the stuff you want to read about. Our forum as I said earlier is hosting a new RPG right now and the design is nearly finished. But rather then our usual set in stone style we have opted for a more free form style by providing only a basic outline of players options and allowing our members and players to do the real creative foot work. The RP should reopen sometime this month provided I have the time. Further the first round of Corps exclusive content will be online as well so Corps members are in for a early Christmas treat in the form of dozens of new options.

Now over to our outreach program which is trucking along, we have added two more RPg teams to our sponsored list and now run a Pathfinder d20 game as well as a White Wolf Scion game right beside our well established D&D 4E campaign arc which is in chapter two. If your a local player near one of our core members and need a team or DM please let us know, every month we are adding more support options and better aid for our sponsored teams. Our Pathfinder team just got a truckload of fully designed loot this past week for their final dungeon crawl in this arc. This is of course exclusively designed swag which you won't find anywhere else. Moreover our forum is always open and welcoming to players who need creative help or Dm's who need evil tips.

Until the next update, may the Dice god smile upon your critical threats. If he does not however call us, we know where he lives.

11/25/2011. The Corps moves ahead

Greetings again. So it's a few weeks after our initial announcement and the activity on this page has spiked I see, That is indeed good news folks. More over our forum hits are skyrocketing. Looks like the Corps is trucking right along in the hearts and minds of our followers.

So This weeks update begins with Thanksgiving wishes to all Corps members. But now that that's out of the way lets get down to the meat of the update. Following a few meetings with local Corps staff I'm glad to say we are solidly enshrined in the backs of many of the local game communities minds. Near us we have managed to get our outreach program into gear and now sponsor several table top RPG events at local comic shops. Small yes, but effective as a start, seeing as how the Corps is not exactly well funded just now our grand ambitions of putting up prize purses for the local folks and hosting grand dungeon crawls must wait just a bit.

On the flip side my phones been ringing off the hook of late, I'd like to remind those folks who want to reach me, leave a message. I usually monitor my phone and answering machine pretty closely, but I'm not just going to pick it up unless I'm expecting a call. If you have Corps business please just start talking to the machine and if I'm around I'll pick right up. But I'd prefer if you would use the contact information provided right on this site, Email always gets to me much faster and avoids the annoying answering machine.

That said, the forum has seen a big uptick in activity and interest to which we are all grateful. More hits means more potential members. And to that end, we are now ready to announce the brand new Omega Corps RPG that is currently being built for the forum. Seeing that we had somethinmg special, the staff and I set about streamlining and updating our concept to a formal and full RPG system, but this ones designed for online play by post style. Using our unique setting, and adding some free features we have opened up the whole deal to allow new folks to jump right in. Including switching to a standard race/ class style system but with our own twists of course. Players can now choose from 15 total races - and growing-, five power cores and least we forget half a dozen factions within the setting. Further we have tossed the formal and stuffy idea of a regulated power registration in favor of allowing players to simply design their own. Yes, anything goes provided it meets our simple terms. Mainly it has to fit and work within the theme and design intent of the power core and race the player chooses. It's all simple logic really.

As I type this Trizap, and others are working to expand those race options. Now some of the material is free that is true but a lot of it is only open to Corps members who join up via paid membership. - which is a paltry 10$ a month and entitles you to all access passes to the Corps boards, bonus content - enough to fill a RPG book- and more. Right now the RP is however closed while we handle the new designs and we hope you can bear with us while we seek to provide the best RPG we can. But in the meantime you can drop by our new and improves G.R.D area and chat it up about your favorite hobbies.

On The Organization side, the G.R.D - Gaming Resource Division- sponsored it's first console tournament this past weekend via the PSN and Ultimate Marvel V Capcom 3. Many of you signed up, and fun was had by all with the winner opting to remain secret and walk away with his free year of Corps membership. We hope to have even more tourneys soon but that depends on my work schedule and interest from fans. Our squad commanders are busy working to try and snag us a place to hold public events. Thus far no store seems open, yet. We hope to find ourselves a generous sponsor willing to loan the Corps space weekly for events, if your so inclined Email me please. Our console vets and table top fans are chomping at the bit for that email to be sent so I can summon them to the first public event.

Also, in the past few weeks many of you have asked me about just how much pull the Corps has as an organization. To answer that I'd need to know how much you expect a new group to have? Just now within our own circle quite a lot, but not much outside unless you ask one of our - yet to be found- sponsors. But I would question why this needs to be asked. We are a gaming organization yes, but I feel like folks think we can call up major companies like Wizards of the Coast or Capcom and just tell em to send us free prizes for our events. Thats not gonna happen, least not until the future shows itself. If thats all that matters, or stands between you joining us or not maybe you should rethink that. We are not here to provide you cool free merchandise - yet-. We are however here to help you find a active d20, CCG, Tabletop minis etc, team or store in your area, and do a damn fine job of that sort of organizing.

To close this update I'd like to send a huge hat tip to our veteran member Darkdragon. Dr.Gon as we call em has finally finished his table top RPG/miniatures/ccg. Some of you may have caught his appearance at NY Comic Con this past year to check out his wares. Currently he's looking for playtesters so if you want in, Sign into the forum and contact him. Also This month holds free stuff, new members who use the code "Corps" in their username when they register get 3 montsh free membership and instant access to the Lycan race for the RP. If your a former member we encourage you to join back in and help us get things rolling. New folks are always welcome, just remember our software cross checks email, if it comes up spam you won't get in.

11/14/2011. Announcing The Omega Corps.

Long time, no see. My apologies folks. Following a serious medical issue involving my father last November, and my old CPU blowing up like a rocket on the fourth of July, I lost all access to my website and FTP transfer. Thus not a peep out of me but for the forum.

For a long time now the press has floundered, our goals remaining scattered and confusing. Now that ends. It's time to unveil the rise of the Omega Corps, the core of the Press has banded together with me to really kick this movement and organization in the rear end to catapult it into the new era. Now is the time for the rise of the Corps and with it the radically new approach we have to this organization.

The Omega Corps was created this past summer after a period of soul searching and reflection by myself and my core team of friends. We wanted a new face, and new goal. Our groups of followers from the Console/PC gamers, to the Hobby gaming folks. From the LARPers, Cpsplayers and Anime buffs. Of course our Creative writing and Spiritual core followers as well. All our bases came together and gave me a kick to refound this organization. That is what I did, A new look, new logo and most importantly new drive is what we will now push for. But moreover we seek to establish a beachhead of true honest ethics to those who are our members. Many organizations these days advance goals but fail to live up to the standards of morality and ethics that make a organization truly worth supporting. The Corps Values are what any parent would ask for their kid, and what every adult should adhere to. We are not simply a organization but also a lifestyle. Rest assured, we not only talk the talk but live it as well.

The Corps is organized by twin components made up of our Gamer Advancement Division - The G.A.D- and our S.R.D - Spiritual Resource Division- that work as a united front and for a complete goal of supporting and enhancing the singular ideal of the Corps. The Gamer Divison will work unilaterally on many fronts to advance the interests and hobbies of the supporting groups and seek to enhance their lives by connecting them to one another through our Contact network. Players can meet people, organize leagues and events at local stores and just hang out with others who will support and enhance their hobbies for the better. As I type the Corps is seeking supporting sponsors who would be willing to led us space for weekly gatherings, game tournaments - both console and hobby- and meetings. Least there be any mistake we are NOT a Political organization. The Corps refuses to even engage or allow politics within the Corps, this community is built on a single goal. Everyone of our core groups knows how to have fun, they want to have fun and want to connect with others who share their interests. That is what the Corps will do.

The Corps is also the front for the long awaited first novel, written by myself, that will retell the exhausting saga of the forum RP in vivid detail and accuracy. Moreover, the Corps will support our new ARG forum initiative that seeks to enrich our forum members experience with new bonus content for paid membership that will unlock tons of new material that you can't get anyplace else. Even better, Omega Corps gear is in design, we offer new style silicone bracelets, keychain lanyards and more. Thats all arriving by mid 2012 for your wearing pleasure, so show your Corps pride and join the movement.

Now the biggest questions I get are of course about our S.R.D. For the logest time, friends and I have sought out the truths of this world, working with gifted and amazing individuals in the metaphysical and scientific community to reconcile those two. We have witnessed acts of inhuman ability and helped others cope with their gifts, several are dear friends of mine - If you are reading this contact me-. This was a calling, and I answered with a glad heart. The S.R.D squads are soldiers and helping hands, here to help you when a spiritual crisis looms and you can't find another to help. Our network is open and accepting of all faiths and ready to get you back on track, or popint you towards resources that will help you. But thats a tale for another time. The Core of the Corps initiative is our singular drive to advance and enhance the lives of gamers globally through the organization of the Corps itself. It's towards that goal we move and we are going about it very aggressively.

Why now? Well thats a good question, sometimes your initial vision is clouded, the Press was a solid organization but it never had the proverbial "Boots on the ground" the Corps are those boots and that number is growing slowly and silently every day. We are sending the clarion call to all of the above groups, now is the time folks to link up and have some fun, the Corps is here for you and we won't go away. Right now on the forum you can access with a click a full FAQ of the Corps goals, sign up for our newsletter or take part in the most expansive, open and welcoming community and RP on the web. In coming weeks this site will see changes, as will the forum and our overall style of working. So look for our Squad commanders in your area handing out cards, engage them if you wish - politely of course- come to the forum, email me whatever you wish just get involved! If your a person who embraces any ideas of either of our twin divisions come on and get involved we need your help!. If your a owner of a hobby gaming or comic store contact me and I'll happily organize a Corps night with you. If your a member of a religious organization and think the Corps mentality fits with your interests contact me, I'm more then happy to engage in conversations with folks who may want to sponsor us.

In closing, this is new ground being broken and yes, ambitious as all hell. But this is why I founded the Corps and the Press, to advance the goals that are near and dear to my heart and enriched my life and the lives of everyone whos ever allowed me to Dm their table top RPG, or places a CCG deck across the table to face me in a duel. It's high time a organization like this was started, not for politics and "social issues" but to advance the core ideals of this large and growing community. That these people are not strange but simply folks who choose to find other outlets that are not more accepted forms of decompression like say sports or dance. For many Friday Night Magic is just that, a means to let go of the stress of life and just chill with people who accept you. The Corps is here for them, we will support them, and work to give them a organization that will not only offer cutting edge material but a constant supportive community that will be smeplace they are welcome and free to enter.

This is Squad Zero Commander Trevor RC Emmott, Press and Corps founder. If you are up to the challenge, then now is the time to join the Corps.

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